About Us

Tascosa Cartridge Co. was formed by two brothers. Both are lifelong shooters and reloaders, who after lengthy careers in corporate America had the irresistible urge to not only simplify our lives, but to actually produce something we could put our hearts into. We’re sure many of you can sympathize. There isn’t a nicer bunch of people anywhere to do business with than shooters and reloaders, and we count among our customers many good friends.

We clean and process our own brass, and mold our own bullets. Most of our fired brass is fully processed, but no matter what caliber it is, it will most likely at least be deprimed, inspected, and have the dents ironed out. Rest assured, we’ve had our hands on every case and on every bullet we send out. We process hundreds of pounds of fired brass and bullets, and blister our eyeballs making sure only the good stuff gets packaged.

We are not the end all of knowledge and enlightenment in the shooting sports, and don’t profess to be. That’s why the goal of TCC is to have a personal relationship with our customers so we can continuously learn and adapt our products and services to best fulfill the needs of our patrons. We do not aspire to be the fastest, or the cheapest, there are plenty of those out there, but hopefully we will be the best and friendliest you’ve ever dealt with. As we lay down to sleep at night with the sound of tumblers still ringing in our ears, our checklist will be short… did we do something we were proud of today? And, in the end, we’re good with you being the judge of that.

Our Commitment to You

We’re all for keeping this simple and here it is: If you’re not happy with any of our products, for whatever reason, just let us know and we’ll make it right PERIOD! Do some folks take advantage of us? Sure, but very few. If your personal integrity is only worth a bag of brass or a box of bullets, we’re happy to supply you with both. We’re here to form a long term relationship with our customers and hopefully, make some new friends along the way.