Our Cast Bullets

Hard Cast Bullets

Our hard cast lead bullets are molded from a foundry certified alloy of 92% Lead, 6% Antimony and 2% Tin. This yields a consistent Brinell hardness of 18, which performs very well across a wide range of calibers and velocities. Our lube is a low smoke wax formulation applied at 125 degrees and 60lbs of pressure to insure thorough filling of the lube grooves. It is compounded to shoot cleanly and accurately at cast bullet velocities. All bullet descriptions will show caliber, bullet type, weight, and sizing diameter.

Hard Cast Bullets are packaged in boxes of 250. We use a flat rate shipping charge of $11.35 up to 70 pounds, so the larger the quantity, the better the total price.

LEAD WARNING: Extended handling and exposure to lead is known to cause adverse health effects including reproductive harm, birth defects, and cancer. Risk can be reduced with proper ventilation, and washing hands with a lead-specific cleaner or wipes, and wiping work areas with lead wipes. (We recommend wearing gloves and mask whenever possible and using D-Wipe Hand Soap and D-Wipe Towels for clean up.)